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COM 252. Professional Writing as Storytelling. 3 Credit Hours.

Contemporary professional writing stresses telling stories that reinforce or expand the brand, that is, the organization’s identity. Stories are the way that humans make sense of the world. When we talk about our pets or our family members, we don’t simply describe them. We tell stories about them. This reality has changed the way communication is practiced at the corporate level. Today, effective writing consists of a strong narrative and a powerful storyline, both of which now trump style and flash. Organizations are not faceless entities sending information to people; rather they are now people connecting with people, especially in this age of sharing and social media. This class teaches the process of telling great stories in differing lengths and formats for diverse platforms. Students take their basic writing skills and, with peer and instructor evaluation, shape and refine those skills through storytelling writing that will have vast implications for a variety of professional careers.
Session Cycle: Spring
Yearly Cycle: Annual.