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COMĀ 344. Sports Media Production. 3 Credit Hours.

Covering a live sporting event is one of the most dynamic forms of video-mediated communication. The pace is fast, the narrative largely unscripted, and creative and editorial decisions must be made rapidly. This course uses sports broadcasting as a platform for confronting the challenges of live, remote production. Classroom instruction is reinforced by hands-on experience, as students work in production groups to create network-style, multi-camera broadcasts of Bryant athletic events. Rotating through various roles and responsibilities, students develop skills in multi-camera directing, field production, video editing, writing, reporting, announcing, and special effects. Also, students learn how to identify, shape and present the narrative (story) elements of public events as they unfold. (Note: Students must be available for the broadcast of three Saturday afternoon games during the semester).
Session Cycle: Varies
Yearly Cycle: Alternate Years.