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GFIN 602. Global Financial Institutions and Markets. 3 Credit Hours.

The markets and institutions of international finance have, in recent years, undergone significant changes. This course will compare and contrast the structure and trends of both US and International financial markets and institutions. Topics include international money and capital markets, foreign exchange markets, emerging markets, the changing roles of financial institutions, the internationalization of financial services, global interst rates, developments in derivatives markets (e.g. credit default swaps), bank valuation methodology, global housing markets and funding (securitization vs. covered bonds), universal banking, non-bank financial institutions, technological change, international financial crises, as well as the coordination and impacts of regulation on financial services (e.g., Dodd Frank, Basel III, and Solvency II). Extra emphasis will be placed on incorporating current events thru extensive use of the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times. These topics will be presented using a combination of interactive lectures and discussions.