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GFOB 100G. Global Foundations of Organizations and Business. 3 Credit Hours.

This course introduces students to the many facets of the global business environment and the unique challenges of global competition. It will help students understand the different factors and forces, political, social, cultural, as well as economic, among others that shape and change the global competitive landscape. Students will develop working knowledge of the various institutions governing and influencing international business, the international financial market, foreign trade and investment practice, and the management of multinational corporations. This course poses fundamental questions about the creation and ethical deployment of intellectual capital within the context of global enterprise. The transformation of the world economy is creating a need for individuals with sophisticated skills, global perspective, expertise in multiple areas, and the ability to acquire new knowledge and skills as needed to meet the challenges of continuously changing business conditions. Successful organizations rely on collaborative efforts to solve problems and implement key initiatives. Such processes require individuals with a multi-disciplinary perspective and demonstrated skills in leadership, negotiation, communication, and time management. This course provides a foundation for the development of these traits, which will be reinforced throughout subsequent business courses.
Prerequisites: BSIB majors
Session Cycle: Fall, Spring
Yearly Cycle: Annual.