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GLOBĀ 243. Honors: The Anthropology of Globalization. 3 Credit Hours.

In this course, students interpret global transformations through studying anthropological texts and films that provide in-depth analysis of local-level instances of globalization. These ethnographic studies allow students to improve their specific knowledge of people and places throughout the world and also to develop more theoretically rigorous approaches toward explaining what is meant by the term globalization. To this end, students examine, among other themes, ethnicity to better comprehend issues of power, resources, and land in conflict situations; the movement of textiles to recognize post-Fordist social and economic practices; human trafficking to conceptualize commodification of the human body; and refugee migrations to understand transnationalism. In short, this course offers micro-level case studies, methods, and approaches toward learning about and explaining broad social and cultural processes. Students who receive credit for LCS 242/GLOB 242 cannot receive credit for this course. This course is cross-listed with LCS 243.
Prerequisites: Honors Program
Session Cycle: Spring
Yearly Cycle: Annual.