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GLOBĀ 290. Honors Politics of the Global System. 3 Credit Hours.

This honors course explores the current global political system. It examines major historical developments that shaped the actors and power distribution of the current system. Next, it explores competing international relations theories that attempt to explain the main motivations and realities guiding the behavior of actors in the system. Then, it focuses on contemporary issues with global implications. Subsequently, it examines recent and future challenges faced by particular key actors in the system as they attempt to shape the global system of the future. It concludes by returning to the system level to consider the prospects for global cultural clashes or peace through globalization. Students receiving credit for GLOB 241/POLS 241, Introduction to Global Politics, cannot receive credit for this course. This course is cross-listed with POLS 290.
Prerequisites: Honors Program
Session Cycle: Fall
Yearly Cycle: Annual.