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GSCM 430. Global Sourcing and Supply Management. 3 Credit Hours.

Firms are increasingly developing sourcing and supply management as a source of global competitive advantage. As firms increasingly outsource manufacturing, the need for a strategic approach to global sourcing becomes more evident. The creation of value often requires careful coordination of activities across the boundaries of organizations, creating strategic alliances with suppliers, and viewing suppliers as an extension of the buying company. Students in this course will be provided with the fundamental tools and techniques to deliver value through supplier identification and selection, buying, negotiation and contracting, and supplier measurement and improvement. Through course readings and case analysis, students will learn how leading companies leverage sourcing and supply management to increase customer and shareholder value. Socially responsible procurement will be a focus of this course.
Prerequisites: GSCM 301 or GSCM 310 or GSCM 320 and senior standing
Session Cycle: Fall
Yearly Cycle: Annual.