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IB 602. Global Human Resource Management. 3 Credit Hours.

TThis course addresses the human side of management, with emphasis on what makes a manager effective in a global business environment. Readings, case analysis, experiential exercises, and intensive discussion build students’ understanding and management skills. The course explores basic issues in management and special circumstances that arise when management must reach across cultural and national boundaries. The course focuses on three inter-related skill sets. The first is making good decisions; many managers rely on intuition to make decisions. We discuss the pros and cons of intuition, and ways to benefit from intuition without succumbing to the pitfalls. We also discuss ethical management, with attention to ethics in a global business context. The second skill set includes skills and knowledge needed to manage people and relationships. An effective manager is an able negotiator, knows how to successfully navigate the network of informal relationships, and understands what motivates people. The third skill set involves understanding teams and organizations, and how effective organizational change can be designed and implemented. This skill set requires knowledge of organizational design, team dynamics, positive and negative influences on learning and change, and power and politics in organizations.