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LCSĀ 450. Film Genre Studies. 3 Credit Hours.

A genre approach to film study (one which takes the way we might categorize a film as its point of departure) provides the most effective means for understanding, analyzing, and appreciating cinema because it sees moviemaking as a dynamic process of exchange between the film industry and its audience. This allows us to think about a movie not just as an aesthetic object, but also as a consumer item molded in part by the shifting demands of the mass market. A particular film, then, can tell us as much about the audience for which it's intended and the moment in history to which it belongs as it can about the institutions that produced it. This course examines the way this "dynamic process of exchange" works by looking critically at examples of genre filmmaking of the last several decades. This course is cross-listed with COM 450.
Prerequisites: COM 230/LCS 230 and junior standing
Session Cycle: Varies
Yearly Cycle: Annual.