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LGLSĀ 360. Law and Society. 3 Credit Hours.

This course is an introduction to the field of law and society. Students examine the nature of law and what we can and cannot expect it to do for us; the manner in which law and legal categories shape society; the role of lawyers, judges and other legal actors in the legal system; the basic structure of the judiciary and how cases flow through the court system, and controversial legal issues in such areas as business, medicine, and gender. Emphasis is placed on issues that illustrate the interaction between law and social control and law and social change. The course draws from a variety of perspectives including sociology, political science, history and philosophy. A major goal of the course is to give students a practical foundation in the critical assessment of law and legal thinking as well as improving their ability to make arguments in writing and orally.
Session Cycle: Fall, Spring
Yearly Cycle: Annual.