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MATH 455. SAS Programming and Applied Statistics. 3 Credit Hours.

This course provides an introduction to SAS programming. It also covers statistical applications utilizing both SAS and Enterprise Guide. Some of the topics covered in the first part of this course include: reading raw data files and SAS data sets; investigating and summarizing data by generating frequency tables and descriptive statistics; creating SAS variables and recoding data values; subsetting data; combining multiple SAS files; creating listing, summary, HTML, and graph reports; managing SAS data set input and output, working with different data types, and manipulating data. In the second part of the course, we apply SAS and Enterprise Guide to the analysis of data using the topics of ANOVA, regression, and logistic regression. For qualified students, this course may be taken as a 500 level graduate content course. Permission of the instructor is required.
Prerequisites: MATH 350 or AM 332 or ECO 210 or ECO 315
Session Cycle: Spring
Yearly Cycle: Annual.