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MBA 528. Global Immersion Experience. 3 Credit Hours.

The Global Immersion Experience has been designed to embed the knowledge and skills needed for today’s managers to operate effectively in a globalized world. The course typically encourages students to explore a given country or region in depth and in the process become aware of the economic opportunities and pitfalls in doing business in that country/region. Students will be able to take this experience and apply it to a different country. An important aspect of GIE is a student project with an overseas firm in the destination country that builds on the first semester of academic study covering areas of strategy/leadership, supply chain management and accounting/finance. The Global Immersion Experience is required for the One Year MBA program and optional but highly recommended for the Two Year MBA. While class meetings for MBA 528 begin in the fall term, the GIE takes place during the winter term and entails travelling to a foreign country for approximately ten days.

Two Year MBA with Specializations


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