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MGT 203. Honors Management for Organizational Leadership. 3 Credit Hours.

The dominant focus of Management Principles for Organizational Leadership is to increase each student's decision-making effectiveness as future leaders of modern organizations. This course will assist individuals in becoming reflective management practitioners. Students will learn how to diagnosis case situations applying state-of-the-art management knowledge so they can provide sound solutions and decisively implement them. Students will be engaged in a highly interactive, cooperative learning approach throughout the course. They will be involved in team-based projects, simulations, team exercises, and case analyses in order to develop their interpersonal skills. In addition, an important part of the course will be a study of the leading management theorists and thinkers of the past century. This study will help students learn from the "masters" in how to become leaders who can meet the demands of today's global forces. As a culminating experience, each class team will use this knowledge to consult with a university class team or organization to improve its functioning. Students receiving credit for MGT 200 cannot receive credit for this course.
Prerequisites: GFOB 100 or GFOB 100G and honors program
Session Cycle: Fall
Yearly Cycle: Annual.