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MGT 480. Leadership Seminar. 3 Credit Hours.

One of the critical issues today is the challenge of leadership. Leaders in modern organizations face a number of increasing pressures from changing social trends, breakthrough technologies, turbulent political environments, and globalization forces. In dealing with these complex changes, the question arises as to what makes an effective leader? What are the cross-cultural characteristics of admired leaders? Who are we willing to follow? How do leaders gain credibility? Why do some leaders succeed and others fail? What skills and values do leaders need to employ to help organizations change to meet today’s challenges?This course will study current leadership theory and practice. The course will be highly interactive. We will use case studies, experiential exercises, film, and collaborative projects. Students will explore a variety of different types of leaders from business, religion, government, and non-profits. We also review the research on women and leadership, cross-cultural challenges.
Prerequisites: MGT 302 and senior standing
Session Cycle: Fall
Yearly Cycle: Annual.