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ML CH105. Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture I. 4 Credit Hours.

This is Part One of an introductory class in modern Mandarin Chinese designed for students with no significant background in the language. Its goal is to lay a good foundation for Chinese study and to strive for a well-rounded development of communicative skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Mandarin Chinese. It provides basic training in pronunciation and tones, character recognition and production skills, high-frequency vocabulary words, and syntactic structures and usage. The teaching materials are culturally authentic, which introduce the culture norms and customs associated with real-life experience. It helps students understand the culture and society of the target language so that they can use the target language effectively and appropriately. Students who have previous knowledge of Chinese (including local dialects such as Cantonese or Taiwanese) are encouraged to consult the instructor before taking this course. This course includes a laboratory component.
Prerequisites: Language Placement Exam
Session Cycle: Fall
Yearly Cycle: Annual.