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SCIĀ 368. Elements of Forensic Science. 3 Credit Hours.

This course will provide an overview of forensic science, including strategies for identifying and solving complex problems, exposure to the analytical tools used by forensic scientists, and the professional standards and ethical considerations guiding practitioners. Special topics will include the scope and history of forensic science, the use of scientific methodology, the concepts of evidence and proof, and the methodologies used for establishing unique connections based on physical, chemical and biological evidence. Students will also become acquainted with the role of histology, serology and DNA typing in forensic analyses, the importance of accurately reconstructing dynamic processes; the recognition, collection and preservation of evidence; the use of statistical techniques, and the demands for quality assurance. An introduction to the technologies used by forensic scientists will be included, along with an examination of the scope of professional careers in forensic science, especially the collage of specialties that comprise collaborative forensic teams.
Prerequisites: SCI 251 or SCI 265 or permission of the instructor
Session Cycle: Fall
Yearly Cycle: Annual.