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SCIĀ 464. Biomarkers and isotope Signals. 3 Credit Hours.

This course provides an in-depth understanding of state-of-the-art isotope technologies and their applications in the environmental sciences. Both theoretical and experimental aspects will be examined, with emphasis on current issues surrounding compound-specific isotope geochemistry, and how these isotope techniques are used in different scientific disciplines and their impact on a student's future environmental career will also be emphasized. Additionally, the course will explore how technical skills and knowledge about isotope chemistry can be utilized in different environmental assessments. For qualified students, this course may be taken as a 500 level graduate content course. Permission of the instructor is required.
Prerequisites: Two of the following: SCI 251 and lab; SCI 264 and lab; SCI 265 and lab; and Junior standing or permission of instructor
Session Cycle: Varies
Yearly Cycle: Varies.