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SCIĀ 552. Innovation and Global Energy Challenges. 3 Credit Hours.

This course will explore the challenges of providing a sustainable energy supply to support increasing world population and growing economies, and will focus on global energy systems, renewable energy sources, distributed power networks, diversification of energy supply, and increased energy efficiency. By examining the energy issues that preoccupy world decision makers, such as dwindling fuel resources, deteriorating electrical grids, externalization of costs, subsidies for existing energy corporations, extreme pollution and environmental degradation associated with mining, drilling, transport, operations, and waste disposal, students will develop an international perspective and multidisciplinary frame with which to approach needed changes in direction. Innovative approaches are needed throughout the entire energy distribution system, including changes in fuel procurement, processing, usage, and cost analyses that account for the entire fuel cycle and minimization of external costs. Breakthroughs in control systems, materials management, green building technology, carbon sequestration techniques, and algal biofuel production are just a few examples of promising new avenues for energy developments that will be assessed. This is a 500 level graduate course and permission of the instructor is required.