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SCI ST300. Special Topics in Science and Technology Emergency Medical Technician [EMT] Basic. 3 Credit Hours.

This course prepares individuals to function in the pre-hospital environment. This course provides instruction in basic life support care of sick and injured persons, including airway assessment, shock management, communications, documentation general pharmacology for the basic provider, hemorrhage control, ambulance operations, and splinting of adult, pediatric and infant patients, as well as special care of patients exposed to heat, cold, radiation, hazardous materials, poisons or contagious disease. This course consists of didactic and laboratory class time as well as clinical training in the hospital setting and training aboard an ambulance. Completion of this course qualifies the student to be eligible to sit for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician’s exam. This course may include one or two Saturday sessions.
Prerequisites: SCI 251 or permission of the instructor
Session Cycle: Spring
Yearly Cycle: Annual.