International Business Major – Computer Information Systems Concentration

International Academic Experience
International Study Abroad 1
First-Year Gateway Experience
Global Foundations of Character and Leadership
Global Foundations of Organizations and Business
Writing Workshop
Bryant IDEA: Innovation and Design Experience For All
International Business: C.I.S. Concentration
Using Technology for Effective Decision Making
Database Management System Principles
Systems Analysis and Information Technology Consulting
Three Computer Information Systems Electives 2,3
Business Core Requirements
Principles of Financial Accounting
Introduction to Global Information Technology and Analytics
Global Dimensions of Financial Management
International Business Practicum
Global Dimensions of Operations Management
Global Dimensions of Marketing
International Business Integrative Experience
International Accounting
International Business Management
International Marketing
Multinational Finance
International Business Electives
Select two approved courses 4
Liberal Arts Core Requirements
Microeconomic Principles
Macroeconomic Principles
Introduction to Literary Studies
International Business Law
Mathematical Analysis
Statistics I
One Humanities Historical Survey Course 5
Liberal Arts Distribution Requirements - Modes of Thought 6,7
Two Social Science Modes of Thought
One Historical Mode of Thought (Upper Division)
One Literary Mode of Thought (Upper Division)
Two Scientific Modes of Thought 8
One Cultural Mode of Thought
Liberal Arts Elective
One Elective
Language Minor Requirement
Four Language Minor Courses of which students are requried to take ML XX404 (i.e.ML CH404 or ML CH405, ML FR404, ML IT404, ML SP404). 9
Open Elective
One Elective

Within the 122 credits comprising the program distribution, the equivalent of at least 12 semester hours of credit must be taken as international study abroad except for students on an F1 Visa.


Must include one 400-level elective.


Can include CIS 332 or CIS 470 that can also serve as an I.B. Elective.


3 credits net for CIS concentration if CIS 332 or CIS 470 is selected as both an IB and concentration elective.


International focus.


19 net credits 3 credits from the required Language Minor may be applied to this distribution.


Must include four courses with an international focus.


Include one Lab Science. One science course must be taken at the 300 or 400 level.


International Business Majors must complete a 12 credit language minor.