Master of Professional Accountancy (MPAc) 2019-2020 Edition

The MPAc program combines a solid foundation in accounting with courses that build professional skills. This professionally managed program can be completed in as little as two full-time semesters [summer/summer, summer/fall, fall/spring, or spring/summer].

The MPAc program can also be completed with a tax concentration which is designed for students who want to combine advanced accounting courses with courses in taxation. This program can be completed in as little as two full-time semesters [summer/fall or summer/summer].

The MPAc program requires the completion of 30 credits which help to satisfy the 150 hour requirement for CPA licensure, while preparing graduates for successful careers in accounting.

The learning goals of the Master of Professional Accountancy program are:

Goal 1

Analyze accounting situations

  1. Recognize accounting issues in business situations
    1. Identify relevant accounting issues and
    2. Compare merits of alternatives.
  2. Develop appropriate recommendations
    1. Recognize current professional standards and/or practices and
    2. Form reasonable conclusions.

Goal 2

Demonstrate effective communication skills for professional accountancy

  1. Effectively write in an accounting context.
  2. Effectively speak in an accounting context.

Goal 3

Research contemporary accounting topics

  1. Demonstrate an ability to locate relevant professional standards and practices for guidance.
  2. Identify appropriate keywords to search for current literature.
  3. Interpret and explain discipline-based research.

Goal 4

Show effective leadership skills

  1. Demonstrate project leadership skills.
  2. Apply effective governance principles for accountability.
Required Courses
Preparing for MPAc Success
Advanced Assurance and Professional Oversight
Corporate Governance in the 21st Century
Project Management for Accounting Leadership
Advanced Accounting Information Systems
Accounting Analytics
Government and Not-For-Profit Accounting
Accounting Theory
Multinational Accounting
Research and Communication
Management Control Systems
Accounting for Income Taxes