Student Services

The Centers for Student Success

The Centers for Student Success staff engage in a partnership with students to help them achieve their academic goals. The staff includes a network of full-time and part-time professionals who are specialists in writing, English as a second language, and learning disabilities.

Access Services: Accommodation for Students with Disabilities

Academic accommodations are available for students with documented learning disabilities. Students with learning disabilities can process academic accommodation requests through Access Services. To receive academic accommodations, students must submit documentation that describes the nature of the learning disability to the Assistant Director of Access Services. Diagnostic testing that identifies the existence of the learning disability must have been completed within the past three years. The Assistant Director of Access Services recommends academic accommodations; however, it is incumbent upon the student to schedule an appointment with the Assistant Director at the beginning of each new semester to arrange for services. Students with learning disabilities can schedule an appointment with the Assistant Director by calling (401) 232-6746. Documentation guidelines may be accessed here. 

On Demand Student Success Workshops

Graduate students have access to the entire library of StudentLingo On Demand Student Success Workshops. These study skills workshops can be accessed at any time, from any location at www.studentlingo.com/bryant. For more information, visit the Centers for Student Success.

Writing Center

The Writing Center is available to help graduate students strengthen their writing skills. Writing specialists, professionals with an MA and/or PhD in English or writing, are available for individualized consultation. An English as a second language writing specialist is available to help students for whom English is a foreign language. To schedule a Writing Center appointment, call (401) 232-6567.

Amica Center for Career Education

The Amica Center for Career Education offers a full range of career development and planning services for all students, including graduate students. Our services include:

  • Individual career coaching on all topics pertaining to choosing a major, finding an internship, applying to graduate school, or securing a full-time opportunity.
  • Career planning courses to assist you with choosing a major and/or career path.
  • Shadow Program, matching you with an alum for a day in the workplace.
  • Alumni-student networking events in Boston, Hartford, New York City, Providence, Washington, D.C., and more.
  • Campus recruiting program including the Bryant Career Connection (BCC) - the student job board for both internships and full-time opportunities.
  • Three annual Career Fairs with more than 150 employers attending.
  • Specialized programs, company site visits, and alumni connections.

We encourage all students to visit the Amica Center to get started with:

  • Utilizing career assessment tools
  • Writing a college résumé
  • Creating a LinkedIn profile
  • Finding an internship or job
  • Learning how to leverage campus and current work life to benefit your career plan

​Graduate students are welcome to utilize all available resources in the Amica Center for Career Education as well as participate in our events and programs.

Stop by our office, visit our website at career.bryant.edu, call (401) 232-6090, or email career@bryant.edu to learn more about resources and services provided.

The opportunity to utilize the Amica Center for Career Education continues after graduation. Career coaching is available to alumni who are changing careers and are in need of assistance, up to five years post-graduation. The Job Source, a listing of full-time jobs requiring post-degree experience, is published weekly for interested alumni.

Alumni are also invited to attend the many workshops, programs, and events offered by the Amica Center for Career Education.

Graduate students are welcome to available resources in the Amica Career Center. Stop by our office, or call (401) 232-6090.

Student Printing Facilities

  • Students can print wirelessly via their laptop to several printers located on campus.
  • Printers are available in the following locations:  Fisher Student Center, Krupp Library in the Bello Center, and on both the first and second floors of the M-wing in the Unistructure.
  • An 800-page free printing allowance is granted each year. After that, a charge of 5 cents per black-and-white page and 50 cents per color page is applied directly to the students Banner account.

Bryant Bookstore & Online Purchases

The Bryant University bookstore is located in the Fisher Student Center. Please call (401) 232-6240 for bookstore hours. Textbooks may also be ordered online at www.efollett.com.

Campus Ministry

The chaplains in Campus Ministry address the spiritual needs of Bryant students and staff. Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish chaplains are available to serve as sources of support, guidance, and spiritual development for all members of the University community.

Health Services

Bryant University Health Services is a board-certified nurse practitioner-run health center that adheres to federal and state law and endorses the guidelines of the American College Health Association, the Rhode Island Department of Health, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Health Services is located on the first floor of Residence Hall 16. It is staffed by a part-time physician, certified nurse practitioners, and a health and wellness coordinator. In the event of an emergency or when Health Services is closed, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) are available through the Department of Public Safety at (401) 232-6911.

Clinical components of Health Services include treatment of illnesses and injuries, women’s and men's health care, laboratory services, immunizations, support services for students with physical disabilities, and referrals as appropriate. All health care and medical records are considered confidential, and family members are notified only in the event of a life-threatening accident or illness..

The University requires that all full-time resident graduate students provide documentation of health insurance. Low cost accident and illness insurance is available for all students who wish to purchase it. Information about this insurance can be obtained at the Health Services Office.

Security/Public Safety

ID and Parking Sticker Policy

Bryant’s campus is a secure place to live. Campus security measures include call boxes that dispatch calls directly to Public Safety. Public Safety officers are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Residence hall exterior doors are locked at night, only accessible to students. Individual key locks are on the door of each room. Visitors are checked in on weeknights and throughout the weekend.

All students are required to have a current parking sticker and student photo ID. These may be obtained in the Department of Public Safety (DPS). In order to obtain a parking sticker, students are required to bring their driver’s license and vehicle registration to the Department of Public Safety. Contact the Public Safety office at (401) 232- 6001 for more information.