College of Arts and Sciences 2023-2024 Edition

College of Arts and Sciences Mission Statement

The faculty and students of the College of Arts and Sciences share the commitment to advancing the study and practice of the humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and the natural and applied sciences. We fulfill our commitment through teaching, scholarship, creative work, and outreach. In faculty and student research, we generate new knowledge. In our teaching, publications, presentations to peers, and engagements with private and public organizations, we disseminate and share our knowledge.

Bryant University’s Graduate Programs in Arts and Sciences offer innovative and rigorous theoretical and applied degree programs in the liberal arts. They do so in flexible, student-friendly formats for lifelong learning opportunities designed to prepare graduates who are able to assume the educational, professional, and leadership responsibilities of learned persons in a dynamic and free society. Graduate Programs in Arts and Sciences seek to foster in each student a spirit of inquiry and a quality of scholarship or professional excellence consistent with the highest traditions in graduate work.