Certificate of Graduate Study in Professional Communication

Certificates of Graduate Study

The Department offers Certificates of Graduate Study (CGS) in Managerial Communication, Public Communication, and Professional Communication.

To earn a Certificate of Graduate Study, individuals must complete a coherent set of four courses chosen under the guidance of a faculty member.  Admission requirements, tuition, and fees per CGS course will be the same as for other M.A. courses. All courses successfully completed in the pursuit of a Certificate of Graduate Study will apply toward the Master of Arts degree for those who are interested in continuing their education.  

The Certificate of Graduate Study in Professional Communication is a custom-designed program to meet the student's professional needs. Upon consulting with a faculty advisor for program approval, the student will tailor a four-course sequence most appropriate for career development in the student's professional specialty.

Upon successful completion of four courses, the student is awarded the Certificate of Graduate Study in Professional Communication.  Students who entered the program with a previously earned graduate degree are awarded the Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS) in Professional Communication.