Literary and Cultural Studies (LCS) 2022-2023 Edition


LCS 541. Film Theory. 3 Credit Hours.

This is a course in film theory, which approaches film as both an art form and a social practice. It provides an opportunity to learn film theory, hone skills of visual analysis, and to develop understanding of the social, cultural and political contexts of film and visual culture. It focuses on the production of rich and lucid analyses of film text through a mix of writing and classroom presentations. This is a 500 level graduate content course. Permission of the instructor is required.
Session Cycle: Spring
Yearly Cycle: Annual.

LCS 568. Comics and Graphic Novels. 3 Credit Hours.

This course provides an overview of the history of comics and the critical conventions associated with what is now termed "the graphic novel." Graduate students are responsible for creating and implementing a lesson plan, and completing a research paper at the end of the course.

LCS 569. Political Satire. 3 Credit Hours.

This course examines the place of political satire within contemporary culture. It focuses on a wide variety of satiric texts on television, in film, on stage, online, and in print. The course also explores contentious questions about satire, including whether it contributes to political understanding and engagement or merely circulates cynical withdrawal. Students will contemplate why satirical material is so popular right now, and, ultimately, what this tells us about the current state of politics, citizenship and debate. This is a 500 level graduate course and permission of the instructor is required.

LCS 697. Graduate Directed Study in English and Cultural Studies. 3 Credit Hours.

This course is an opportunity for graduate students to pursue independent, advanced, in-depth study or research for academic credit. The student works on an individual basis under the direction of a faculty member of the English and Cultural Studies department. The proposed Directed Study must be approved by both the Graduate Advisor and the Department Chair.