Creative and Applied Arts Minor 2022-2023 Edition

Creative and Applied arts Minor Requirements

LCS 220Creativity and the Arts3
One 400-level advanced LCS course from the following.
Two more courses from the list below, at least one of which is at the 300 or 400 level.
LCS 240Introduction to the Environmental Humanities 3
LCS 280Introduction to World Music3
LCS 320Design in Contemporary Culture3
LCS 321Drawing Studio3
LCS 322Art and Design Studio3
LCS 323Digital Studio Workshop3
LCS 324Digital Photography3
LCS 325Studies of the Book: Paper, Collage and Book Making3
LCS 341Philosophy of Art3
LCS 352Studies in Poetry3
LCS 353Studies in Drama3
LCS 358Introduction to Studies in Jazz3
LCS 359Popular Music and Culture3
LCS 370Poetry Writing Workshop3
LCS 371Fiction Writing Workshop3
LCS 372Creative Writing Workshop3
LCS 374Modern Art in Europe 1880-19453
LCS 376Global Art History Before 18503
LCS 387African Popular Culture3
LCS 440Arts and Entertainment: Issues in Arts Administration3
LCS 458Anthropology of Music Industries3
LCS 466Women and the Creative Imagination3
LCS 467Art and Politics in Nineteenth-Century France3
LCS 468The Graphic Novel3
LCS 469Political Satire3
LCS 470Advanced Poetry Writing3
LCS 471Friendship and Intimacy in the Age of Social Media3
LCS 491Workshop in Creative and Critical Process3
MATH ST300Special Topics in Mathematics Mathematics of the Arts and Creativity3
SOC 362Sociology of Innovation and Creativity3