Africana/Black Studies Minor 2023-2024 Edition

The Africana/Black Studies minor is an interdisciplinary liberal arts minor that gives students a critical opportunity to examine the intellectual traditions of and cultural contributions made by people of African descent all over the world. Its broad focus on African, African American, Afro-Latino/a, Afro-Brazilian, and Caribbean communities allows students to stretch the boundaries of their worldview and develop skills in effective communication and innovative problem solving across racial and ethnic lines. In addition, by wrestling with weighty and pervasive problems such as racism and the persistent presence of colonialism in the global economy and socio-cultural network, the minor’s courses prepare students to be rigorous thinkers as well as responsible, ethical professionals and citizens.

Africana/Black Studies Minor Requirements

12 hours of Africana/Black Studies coursework, Including no more than one 200-level course 1
SOC 453Race and Ethnicity3

No more than two Africana/Black Studies courses in any one discipline.