Business Administration Minor 2023-2024 Edition

The Business Administration Minor is an interdisciplinary business minor that provides students with knowledge of core business principles. With this minor, students will be equipped to meet the complex demands of an interdependent society and culture. Bryant has a long-standing national reputation for educating business professionals and leaders. The Business Administration minor at Bryant includes courses that are designed to help students develop basic business knowledge and skills as well as to provide the foundation to begin a career following graduation, or to continue on to graduate school. An understanding of Business Administration is beneficial to all professional fields including the creative arts, entrepreneurship, management, marketing, nonprofit administration, and human resources, to name a few.

Business Administration Minor Requirements:

ACG 203Principles of Financial Accounting3
FIN 201Financial Management3
ISA 201Introduction to Information Technology and Analytics3
MGT 200Management Principles and Practice3
MKT 201Foundations of Marketing Management3

A minimum of 15 credits is required for the minor.