Environmental Studies Minor 2022-2023 Edition

Recognizing the pressing environmental issues and climate change effects on our physical environment, it is a good citizen’s responsibility to understand major environmental concepts. This program offers a multi-disciplinary scientific, ethical and philosophical perspectives from which to research, analyze and solve environmental problems. The ability to gather, analyze and communicate complex technical data to others and to plan and manage environmental projects are program objectives that will be emphasized as well as the ability to critically reflect on students’ future roles as global citizens, mindful consumers and environmental innovators in a complex, interconnected world.

Environmental Studies Minor Requirements

Select One 200 level course from the following:
Introduction to the Environmental Humanities
Introduction to Environmental Science and Sustainability
Select Either One 300 level course from the list below OR any 200 level course from the list above:
Art and Design Studio ((when topic is Environmental Art))
Topics in the Environmental Humanities
Creative Writing Workshop ((when topic has Environmental theme))
Landscape, Visual Culture and Ecology
Food Policy and Sustainability
Coastal Environments
Human Impact on Land and Life
Sustaining Air and Water
GIS for Environmental Decision Making
Select One 400 level course from the following:
Environmental Economics
Politics of Developing Countries
Population and Society
Environmental Policy: Decision Making and Problem Solving
Issues in Environmental Science
Select One additional course from any of the three lists above