Bachelor of Science with a Major in Healthcare Analytics 2022-2023 Edition

Healthcare Analytics Major: 

Healthcare is a data-intensive industry, and specialists are required to help transform data into meaningful and usable information for numerous stakeholders.  Healthcare analytics is a rapidly emerging field that involves the integration of health sciences, computer science, information science, biostatistics, and cognitive science to drive the management and analytical use of healthcare information.  This field develops methods and technologies to acquire, process, and analyze health data, and uses data-informed tools to improve patient care and safety, contributing to a healthier global population and more cost-effective healthcare services.   Students in this program will gain the necessary analytical and technical skills required to manipulate, analyze, and interpret health data to provide superior solutions to strategic and operational problems in healthcare.  Additionally, students in this highly interdisciplinary program will learn to apply these information technologies effectively, given an understanding of human and organizational behavior and how it relates to health decisions.   

Bachelor of Science with a Major in Healthcare Analytics Requirements:

Bachelor of Science with a Major in Healthcare Analytics Curriculum Requirements
First-Year Gateway Experience
Global Foundations of Character and Leadership
Global Foundations of Organizations and Business
Writing Workshop
Bryant IDEA: Innovation and Design Experience For All
Health Informatics Major Requirements
Biology I Principles of Biology
Global Health Challenges
Introduction to Psychology
Health Psychology
Statistics II
Statistical Analysis With R
Introduction to Programming
Data Visualization
Programming for Data Science
Introduction to Machine Learning
Database Management System Principles
Economics of Health and Medical Care
Choose one of the following:
Data Science Capstone
Information Systems and Analytics Internship
Liberal Arts Core Requirements
Microeconomic Principles
Macroeconomic Principles
Introduction to Literary Studies
Mathematical Analysis
Statistics I
Two Humanities Survey Courses
Liberal Arts Distribution Requirements - Modes of Thought
Two Scientific Modes of Thought
One Historical Mode of Thought(Upper Level)
One Literary Mode of Thought(Upper Division)
Two Scientific Modes of Thought 1
College of Business OR College of Arts and Science Minor Requirement
Four Courses required for the minor. Minor can be from either college 2
Open Electives
Seven Electives Required 3

Include one Lab Science. One science course must be taken at the 300 or 400 level


Some minors may require more than 12 credits


Suggested Electives: ECO 473, ECO 464, LGLS 383, SOC 352, COM 280, SCI 373, SCI 378, ISA 343 or ISA 460

A minimum 122 credit hours required for graduation