Bachelor of Science with a Major in Actuarial Mathematics 2023-2024 Edition

Actuarial Mathematics – Mission Statement

The Bryant Actuarial Mathematics program is designed to prepare students for success in the actuarial field. Our student-centered curriculum promotes academic excellence with a rigorous course of study that emphasizes critical thinking, problem solving, statistical analysis skills, and strong business acumen.


Students who complete the Actuarial Mathematics major will:

  • Demonstrate competence in the fundamental probability tools for assessing risk quantitatively.
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the theory of interest, pension and insurance systems.
  • Demonstrate competence in relevant statistical software.
  • Demonstrate effective consulting skills (problem solving, oral and written presentations).

This Actuarial Mathematics major provides a foundation of analytical and communication skills that enables graduates to seek a career as an actuary or in actuarial related fields such as insurance, pensions, banking, and other financial service organizations. The combination of a strong mathematical foundation and a strong business and liberal arts background provides students with the necessary skills to succeed in these fields. Courses include advanced topics such as Interest Theory, Actuarial Mathematics, Advanced Probability and Statistics, and Pension Fundamentals.


The Actuarial Mathematics program prepares students for success in the actuarial field by promoting the following learning goals:

  • Coursework that prepares students for at least four exams given by the Society of Actuaries with an expectation that a student will successfully complete two exams by graduation.
  • Coursework that requires a minor in a business discipline that develops leadership, communication, and teamwork skills, enabling the student to secure one or more actuarial internships prior to graduation.
  • Coursework that emphasizes statistical skills and allows the student to complete the SAS Certification program.
  • Coursework that emphasizes strong computer skills for business applications.

Bachelor of Science with an Actuarial Mathematics Major Degree Requirements:

 General Education Requirements ** Actuarial Mathematics Majors will take Math 121 instead of Math 11o and AM 230 instead of Math 201 to meet the General Education requirements. 
Actuarial Mathematics Major Requirements
Required Courses:
AM 230Actuarial Statistics I (Course can be used in place of MATH 201 in Gen Ed)3
AM 231Actuarial Statistics II3
AM 332Actuarial Statistics III3
AM 340Mathematical Interest Theory I3
AM 342Mathematical Interest Theory II3
AM 421Life Contingencies I3
MATH 226Linear Algebra3
MATH 354Software Application for Mathematics3
One Exam Seminar from the following: 1
AM 393Exam P Seminar2
AM 394Exam FM Seminar2
AM 492Advanced Actuarial Mathematics Seminar Exam LTAM2
AM 493Advanced Actuarial Mathematics Seminar STAM2
AM 494Advanced Actuarial Mathematics Seminar IFM and 3F2
Choose 3 Advanced Topics in Actuarial Mathematics from the following:
AM 333Advanced Probability3
AM 422Life Contingencies II3
AM 440Actuarial Mathematical Models and Stochastic Calculus3
AM 451Pension Fundamentals3
AM 471Fundamentals of Property and Casualty Reserving3
AM 481Ratemaking3
Business Minor Requirement

Any student who passes two professional actuarial exams will be able to waive the two credit exam seminar preparation course requirement. The student must show evidence to the Department Chair that two exams were successfully completed to obtain the waiver.

A minimum of 35 credit hours is required for the major.

A minimum of 124 credit hours required for graduation.