Certificate of Graduate Study in Sustainability Practices

The Department offers a Certificate of Graduate Studies (CGS) in Sustainability Practices.

To earn a Certificate of Graduate Study, individuals must complete a coherent set of courses organized around a theme, courses to be selected with guidance from a faculty advisor and approved by the graduate program director. Admission requirements, tuition, and the fees per CGS course will be the same as for other M.S. courses. All courses successfully completed in the pursuit of a Certificate of Graduate Study will apply toward the Master of Science in Global Environmental Studies (MSGES) degree for those who are interested in further education.

The Certificate of Graduate Study in Sustainability Practices is intended for individuals who would like to experience theory and hands-on experience in best practices for environmental and sustainability management. This blended program (combination online and campus-based coursework) includes four courses, and can be completed in one year.  The CGS has a fast-start option open to undergraduate students who have completed at least 90 credit hours. Every organization, whether for-profit or non-profit, private or public, will benefit from having staff with the CGS in Sustainability Practices.

All content courses taught in the MSGES degree program could be utilized for completion of the CGS in Sustainability Practices, but must be assembled under the guidance of a faculty advisor as a coherent theme (not including SCI 590, SCI 690, and SCI 691, which are thesis research courses). 

Examples of a CGS in Sustainability Practices could include: 

CGS in Sustainability: Policies
Issues in Environmental Science
Green Technology for Sustainability
Conservation in the U.S. and China
Environmental Policy Decision Making and Problem Solving
CGS in Sustainability: Climate Change
Instrumental Analysis for Environmental and Life Sciences
Innovation and Global Energy Challenges
GIS Tools Coastal Planning and Climate Change
Biomarkers and Isotope Signals
CGS in Sustainability: Environmental Health
Biological Imaging
Biomarkers and Isotope Signals
Global Health Challenges
Graduate Practicum

Upon successful completion of the four selected courses, the student is awarded a Certificate of Graduate Studies in Sustainability Practices.