Bryant Symbols

The Harriet E. Jacobs Memorial Mace

Carried at Commencement and other University convocations, the mace is crowned in gold and bears the two dominant symbols of the institution: the seal of the State of Rhode Island and the seal of Bryant University. The mace was donated by E. Gardner Jacobs and his sister, Mrs. Dorothy J. Lederer, in memory of their mother, Harriet E. Jacobs.

The Bryant Seal

The Bryant Seal represents the educational mission of the University and its worldwide implications. The central symbol is an ellipsoid globe with quills on each side to signify the traditional emblem of communication in business. In the center, behind the globe, is a torch that reflects liberty, the spirit of free inquiry, academic freedom, and learning.

The Archway

The Archway, forming the background for the globe, torch, and quills, is a University landmark affectionately remembered by thousands of alumni. The Latin motto expresses the purpose of the University: Cognitio Virtus Successus – “Knowledge Character Success.” The seal recognizes the achievements of the faculty in their pursuit of educational excellence.