Master of Science in Healthcare Informatics 2023-2024 Edition

Master of Science in Healthcare Informatics

The Master of Science in Healthcare Informatics prepares graduates to use healthcare data, manage information and apply technical knowledge to solve problems and improve overall health outcomes. Graduates of the program are equipped with knowledge of the healthcare industry and technology solutions, in conjunction with technical skills needed to succeed in this ever-changing field, preparing students to be able to effectively analyze complex health data, manage evolving health information systems and support the increased utilization of electronic health records.  Our program provides a holistic understanding of the healthcare system and emphasizes the need for collaboration to improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.
This 30-credit graduate degree program incorporates experiential learning, working with our corporate partners and highly skilled faculty to solve critical and real problems in the healthcare field.  Thus, our graduates are uniquely positioned to succeed in this fast-paced industry, preparing students to become health information systems specialists, health data analysts, health care managers and consultants that can be employed in a variety of healthcare settings.    

Master of Science in Healthcare Informatic Degree Requirements:

Healthcare Informatics Required Course:
HS 501Introduction to Healthcare Informatics3
HS 510Population Health 3
HS 520Healthcare Law, Privacy, and Ethics 3
HS 530Healthcare Operations and Systems 3
HS 610Electronic Health Records3
HS 690Healthcare Informatics Capstone3
Healthcare Informatic Analytic Core Requirements:
HS 620Data Visualization and Communication 3
HS 630Health Analytics (R, Python, Tableau)3
Healthcare Informatics Electives: Must pick two courses from approved listing:
HS 640Project Management3
HS 645Evidenced Based Decision Making3
HS 650Database Management for Healthcare3
HS 655Data Mining/Machine Learning3
HS 691Healthcare Informatics Internship3

 A minimum of 30 credits is required for graduation.