Business (BUS)


BUS 391. General Business Internship. 3 Credit Hours.

Students engage in individually supervised employment in business and learn to apply business theory and principles to the work environment. Interns work at least ten hours per week on the job, meet periodically with a supervising faculty member, do research related to the field of employment, and prepare a substantive report on the work experience and the studies involved. Requires the approval of a supervising faculty member and department chair. Junior or senior standing is required.

BUS 400. Business Policy. 3 Credit Hours.

This is a capstone course that integrates the knowledge students have acquired in various business disciplines. The emphasis is on developing an integrative perspective on the key issues facing general managers and top management teams. The students will be introduced to analytical frameworks used to gain an understanding of industry environment and evaluate the sources of competitive advantage available to firms within an industry. In addition, students are exposed to case studies and business situations to help understand how managers implement strategies. Topics covered include industry analysis, internal analysis, business and corporate level strategies and strategy implementation.
Prerequisites: ACG 203, ACG 204, FIN 201, ISA 201, LGLS 211, MGT 200, MGT 201, MKT 201 and senior standing
Session Cycle: Fall, Spring, Summer
Yearly Cycle: Annual.

Spring 2018BUS 400A3489TTh2:00pm - 3:15pm(V. Unni)
Spring 2018BUS 400B3490TTh8:00am - 9:15am(C. Ratcliffe)
Spring 2018BUS 400C3491TTh12:30pm - 1:45pm(V. Unni)
Spring 2018BUS 400CE3492T6:30pm - 9:10pm(R. Charest)
Spring 2018BUS 400D3493M8:00am - 10:40am(J. Robbins)
Spring 2018BUS 400E3494W8:00am - 10:40am(D. Primus)
Spring 2018BUS 400F3497TTh9:30am - 10:45am(R. Charest)
Spring 2018BUS 400FE3498W6:30pm - 9:10pm(R. Charest)
Spring 2018BUS 400G3499TTh5:00pm - 6:15pm(E. Rustambekov)
Spring 2018BUS 400H3500TTh3:30pm - 4:45pm(E. Rustambekov)
Summer 2018BUS 400SE4116MW6:30pm - 9:10pmTBD
Summer 2018BUS 400T4114MTWThF1:30pm - 3:00pmTBD

BUS 413. Multinational Business Simulation. 3 Credit Hours.

This course involves a semester-long computer simulation in which the participants, working together in small teams, play the management roles of competing multinational firms. Though the course heavily emphasizes finance, marketing, participants will need to master all aspects of running an enterprise. The course offers many noteworthy features: international scope, strategic focus, lots of written and oral communication, considerable analytic work using spreadsheets and various statistical packages, and coping with sticky ethical and environmental issues. Students will develop leadership, as well as team building skills. This course is cross-listed with FIN 413, MGT 413 and MKT 413.
Prerequisites: FIN 201, MKT 201 and senior standing
Session Cycle: Fall
Yearly Cycle: Annual.

BUS 491. General Business Practicum. 6 Credit Hours.

Qualified students work and study in a business, educational or private institution, earning from six to nine credit hours, depending on the academic nature of the effort and the amount of time committed to the internship. Students develop a major research project directly related to the practicum.
Prerequisites: junior or senior standing and the approval of the department chair.