Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Managerial Accounting and Finance 2022-2023 Edition

Managerial Accounting and Finance Concentration Curriculum Requirements

First-Year Gateway Experience
Global Foundations of Character and Leadership
Global Foundations of Organizations and Business
Writing Workshop
Bryant IDEA: Innovation and Design Experience For All
Managerial Accounting and Finance Concentration
Financial Reporting I
Financial Reporting II
Cost Management
Accounting Information Systems
Auditing Concepts
Financial Statement Analysis
Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice
Two Electives (One from Accounting and one from Finance)
Advanced Managerial Accounting
Corporate Taxation
Information Systems Controls and Audit
Accounting Internship
Data Analytics in Accounting
Financial Reporting III
Directed Study in Accounting
Capital Budgeting and Financial Strategies
Multinational Finance
Finance Internship
Directed Study in Finance
Business Core Requirements
Principles of Financial Accounting
Principles Managerial Accounting
Business Policy
Financial Management
Introduction to Information Technology and Analytics
The Legal Environment of Business
Management Principles and Practice
Operations Management
Foundations of Marketing Management
Liberal Arts Core Requirements
Microeconomic Principles
Macroeconomic Principles
Introduction to Literary Studies
Mathematical Analysis
Statistics I
Two Humanities Survey Courses
Liberal Arts Distribution Requirements - Modes of Thought 1
Two Social Science Modes of Thought
One Historical Mode of Thought (Upper Division)
One Literary Mode of Thought (Upper Division)
Two Scientific Modes of Thought 2
Liberal Arts Elective
One Elective
Liberal Arts Minor Requirement 3
Four courses (selection is made from a variety of liberal arts disciplines)
Open Elective
One Elective

122 credits required for graduation