Special Programs of Study 2021-2022 Edition

Included in the Special Programs of Study section is information regarding the following:

  • Academic Internships and Practica
  • Directed Study
  • Study Abroad - semester-long and short-term - and fees
  • The Honors Program
  • Army ROTC Program

Bryant University has been a leader and innovator in preparing its graduates for business and professional careers since it was founded in 1863.

Continuing its long tradition of producing superbly qualified graduates, Bryant is committed to preparing its students to be accomplished professionals with multiple career options. This objective is accomplished through a carefully crafted curriculum that promotes cross-disciplinary thinking by blending business, liberal arts, and technology. The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree offers nine business concentrations and requires a liberal arts minor. In addition, business concentrators may select an optional business minor. Bachelor of Science degrees are also available in Data Science and International Business, which offers eight business concentrations and requires a foreign language minor as well as an international experience.

The College of Arts and Sciences offers two degrees: A Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science. The Bachelor of Arts has majors in Applied Psychology, Chinese, Communication, Economics, Global Studies, History, Literary and Cultural Studies, Politics and Law, Sociology, and Spanish. The Bachelor of Science has majors in Actuarial Mathematics, Applied Economics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Biology, and Environmental Science. All Arts and Sciences degrees require students to complete a business minor.

Academic Internships and Practica

Bryant University offers students the opportunity to combine significant work experience with academic study through internships and practica. Such opportunities recognize the value of work-integrated learning and critical reflection as an important educational avenues.  Internships and practica are arranged with employers representing a variety of industries and career opportunities.  Students’ learning is assessed by faculty as a three-credit elective course resulting in a letter grade. Practica are valued at six-, nine-,  or twelve-credits as determined by the Department Chairs in specific areas of study.  Resources are provided by the Amica Center for Career Education to meet specific student interests and provides the opportunity for career exploration, both nationally and internationally.

Student eligibility:

  • Must complete a minimum of 60 credits.
  • Must be in good academic standing—requiring a minimum overall GPA of 2.0.
  • Must have established a major/concentration GPA of 2.0 or better to apply for an internship in a major/concentration area of study, except for the Finance and International Business departments requiring a minimum overall GPA of 2.5.
  • Must have established a minor GPA of 2.0 or better to apply for an internship in a minor area of study.
  • Must meet all prerequisites for the internship as determined by the specific academic department and stated in the course description located in the course catalog (course elective listed as 391, 450, or 491).
  • Transfer students must complete one full regular term of study at Bryant University to establish a GPA prior to applying for an internship or practicum opportunity.


  • Must meet with an academic advisor in the Undergraduate Advising Office to discuss eligibility and receive an internship enrollment form.

A maximum of nine credit hours of any combination of internships and practica may be applied to fulfill degree requirements; a maximum of three credit hours may be applied to fulfill requirements in a major/concentration or minor area of study. All academic internships are reviewed and approved by the appropriate academic department chair. Each intern works with a faculty supervisor and is awarded a grade based on learning objectives and work performance. The internship site employer provides training and supervision during the course of the academic internship and provides performance evaluations to the student and faculty supervisor. Eligible students are allowed to do one internship or practicum per regular term.

Internships and practica may be taken as part of the regular term course load during the fall or spring terms, usually at no added tuition costs to the student. When taken during the summer term, internships and practica are subject to relevant course fees.

The Washington D.C. Internship Program

Eligibility: Must Complete a Minimum of 75 Credits; Minimum Overall G.P.A. of 2.75

Bryant University has partnered with The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars in Washington D.C. to provide supervised internships in business, government agencies, for-profit or nonprofit sectors as well as in international organization in DC.  Internships are available in all degree programs, concentrations, and minor area of studies.  The program is offered in the summer (10 weeks, 9-credits), and fall and spring terms (15 weeks, 12-credits).  Internship placement and housing is provided.

The Washington Center places students in businesses, government agencies, nonprofit and international organizations based on student's academic studies, career goals and interest. The program consists of the following components:

  • a supervised internship that provides substantive projects and tasks that develop skills and knowledge within a profession,
  • one evening course related to student's concentration or minor area of study,
  • participation in LEAD colloquium program to include:
    • lecture series featuring decision makers in business, government and non-profit organizations
    • civic engagement project
    • profession track workshops with peers pursuing similar career paths

Information Systems/Data Science Practicum

The Information Systems and Analytics academic department offers a six month, full-time paid internship program earning 9 credits (summer-fall or spring-summer time period). Second term sophomores and juniors may apply after meeting with the ISA Department Chair and discussing eligibility with an academic advisor in the Undergraduate Advising Office. Minimum requirements are the completion of 45 credits and a minimum overall GPA of 3.0.

Directed Study Programs

  1. A directed study course is an independent, in-depth study or research project pursued by a student. It involves working individually under the direction of a supervising faculty member with the approval of the appropriate department chair and college dean.
  2. The topic to be studied must be submitted by the student to the supervising faculty member for approval prior to or at the start of the term.
  3. The topic to be studied should explore a subject beyond its treatment in an advanced level course in the University curriculum.
  4. The student’s ability to define a problem and investigate it thoroughly (through intensive study that leads to the preparation of a well-researched paper) will be central to his/her success in any directed study course.
  5. Students are limited to one directed study per term and a maximum of two directed studies during their Bryant career.
  6. Directed studies cannot be used as substitutes for Bryant courses in the catalog.

Study Abroad

At Bryant students learn to compete in a global economy. And there is no better way to learn about the world than to study abroad.

Bryant’s study abroad opportunities include a two-week experience, academic term programs (regular, winter, or summer) and travel components with selected academic courses. Students have the chance to become proficient in another language, begin to cultivate a global perspective, and take courses unique to a location and/or culture, while enjoying experiences in a different culture.

Bryant offers sponsored study abroad programs in most regions of the world, through partner relationships with the following organizations:

Arcadia University: The College of Global Studies sponsors university affiliated programs in a variety of locations around the world. Approved Arcadia programs are in Australia, England, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, and Wales. Arcadia University also offers internship programs in a variety of cities around the world.

The Alliance for Global Education offers study in India and in China. The Alliance is a non-profit partner of Arcadia University.

CIEE (Council on International Education Exchange) sponsors more than 109 university affiliated programs throughout the world.  Approved programs with CIEE include the following: Argentina, Botswana, Brazil, China, Chile, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, France, Ghana, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Morocco, Netherlands, Portugal, S. Korea, and Spain. CIEE also offers internship programs in a variety of cities around the world.

API (Academic Programs International) sponsors university-affiliated programs in a variety of locations around the world. Approved API programs are in Argentina, Bhutan, Chile, China, Croatia, Cuba, Costa Rica, England, France, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, and UAE. API also offers internship programs in a variety of cities around the world.

IES (Institute for the International Education of Students) sponsors university-affiliated programs in a variety of locations around the world. Approved IES programs are in Argentina, Austria, Chile, China, Ecuador, European Union, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Morocco, and the Netherlands.

ISA (International Studies Abroad) sponsors several university affiliated programs in a variety of locations around the world. ISA approved programs are in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Peru and Spain.

IAU College (The Institute for American Universities) provides students with academic programs in Southern France for a semester or summer. IAU is one of the few study abroad programs in France to offer coursework in English. In addition, they offer internships to students with an advanced level of French.

The Education Abroad Network (TEAN) sponsors several university affiliated programs in a variety of locations around the world. TEAN approved programs are in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Japan, China, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand. TEAN also offers internship programs in a variety of cities around the world.

Customized International Business Program Bryant’s International Business (IB) program provides customized study abroad opportunities for their students. Currently, they offer programs in Spain, Chile, France, China, and Italy. These customized programs are designed to strengthen the students' understanding of international business and their language skills.  Each of the customized programs offers students a study abroad experience and an international internship in their second language.

Direct Exchange Opportunities

Each year Bryant is adding more direct exchange opportunities to its available options. What this means is that you will enroll at a partner university where you have the possibility to take both business and A&S courses that fulfill degree requirements. The direct exchanges are a more immersive experience that enables you to meet more students from around the world. 

In addition, the direct exchange billing works differently, so you will only pay Bryant tuition (financial aid still applies). The housing and meal options are paid directly to the partner program, so there may be a possibility to find a program that is more affordable for you. Visit the Study Abroad Office to learn more about the options available.

Student Fees for Study Abroad Programs 2021-2022

Study Abroad participants are charged the same rates that a traditional Bryant University student would be assessed if they were studying on campus unless the total charge at the host institution abroad exceeds the comparable charges at Bryant University. Students are billed by Bryant University directly and are expected to make the payment to Bryant on the traditional billing due dates (August for the fall term and January for the spring term).

Certain Study Abroad Programs will require application fees.

  • On Bryant approved programs, Bryant pays the application fee.

Deposit Fees:

  • Upon acceptance, the confirmation deposit will be paid directly by Bryant University

Security/Refundable Deposits:

  • Students participating in a program through API or The Education Abroad Network (TEAN) will be responsible for their own refundable security deposit.  Each provider will directly bill the student for the refundable security deposits, and the student is expected to pay that out of pocket.

Below are the 2021 regular term costs for study abroad participants:

Item Cost
Tuition $23,442.50
Room* $4,890.50 - $6,390.50**
Meal Plan* $2,846.50 - $3,373.50
Study Abroad Fee $500.00
Additional Expenses (not charged by Bryant) $4,000 - $6,000+
*Varies based on program location
**The University will pay up to $6,265.00 in housing costs to the host institution. If a student chooses a housing option that exceeds that cost, the student will be billed and is responsible for paying the difference.


The tuition rate is the cost of a traditional regular term of study at Bryant University. Tuition may vary depending upon student’s catalog year and financial aid package.


The room rate is dependent upon the type of housing that a study abroad participant receives. If the participant is housed in a room that is typical of the Bryant University on-campus dorm-style living, the fee is $4,890.50 (double). However, in certain circumstances, participants are given the option to live alone and are housed in a facility that is typical of the Bryant University on-campus townhouse-style living and those students are charged at the higher rate of $5,949.00 (double) or $6,390.50 (single). Also, certain programs offer housing (on and off campus) that is not comparable to on-campus living at Bryant. In these situations, Bryant or the host institution may assess a surcharge to cover additional services that are offered with the housing (i.e. telephone, internet, bed linens, cleaning services, upgraded housing, etc.). Please be advised that the surcharge will be added to your Bryant University tuition bill. These surcharges will not be on your initial bill since the host institution does not notify Bryant University until after the term has begun. You will be notified via your Bryant University email address that an updated Electronic Bill (E-Bill) is ready for viewing.

Meal Plan

Depending on the program, a student may receive meals (e.g. home-stay accommodation), have the option to purchase meals on their own (i.e. self-catered), or participate in a meal program at the university they are attending abroad. If they participate in the meal program abroad, or are receiving meals through their housing option, a fee of $2,846.50- $3,373.50 will be assessed to their Bryant University account, depending on the number of meals they are receiving abroad. Since the meal plan is optional in some locations, and is not typical at most institutions, additional fees do not apply to every student. Meal plan charges will not be on your initial billing statement. If Bryant is notified by the host institution of meal plan enrollment and/or additional fees, you will be notified via your Bryant University email address that an updated Electronic Bill (E-Bill) is ready for viewing.

Host Family Accommodations

Bryant students are billed at the Bryant University on-campus residence hall style-living for host family accommodations $4,890.50 (double).  A student will be assessed a meal plan fee of $2,846.50- $3,373.50 to their Bryant University account if they are receiving 1-3 meals per day in their home-stay accommodations. Meal plan charges will not be on your initial billing statement. If Bryant is notified that your home-stay includes 1-3 meals per day, then you will be notified via your Bryant University email address that an updated Electronic Bill (E-Bill) is ready for viewing.

Additional Expenses

Additional fees are any supplemental costs of the program and are billed directly by the third party provider or paid directly by the student.  The amounts listed are estimates based upon amounts experienced by past participants. The actual costs may vary. Such expenses may include, but are not limited to, R/T airfare, VISA processing fee, health insurance fee, cell phones, health club memberships, cleaning fee, bed-linen fee, etc.

Withdrawal Policy

Bryant University disburses money to the study abroad providers when a student commits to the program and before the program abroad commences.  There is a threshold date after which no funds are returned to the University for a withdrawal, which is why you are responsible for reviewing the program provider’s refund policies. If a student decides to withdraw from the program abroad, after they have committed to the program, the student is responsible for any non-refundable costs from the program provider. Furthermore, if a student leaves a program, whether voluntarily or not, he/she should not expect refunds for any unrecoverable costs; leaving a program may include, but is not limited to, these reasons: academic dismissal, student conduct violations, civil unrest, epidemics/pandemics, and natural disasters.

Study Abroad Surcharge

If the total charge at the host institution abroad exceeds the comparable charges at Bryant University, a surcharge will be assessed to the student’s account in the amount equal to the difference between the two costs.

All study abroad billing inquiries should be addressed to the Bryant University Bursar’s Office at (401) 232-6030. Please Note: Students will initially be billed the Bryant University rates. Once Bryant University is billed by the host institution, any appropriate adjustments are made to the student’s account and the student will be notified via Bryant University email address that an updated Electronic Bill (E-Bill) is ready for viewing.

Coursework and Credit

  • Written pre-approval (course contract) from a Bryant University Undergraduate Advisor is required for coursework taken at the Host Institution, if transfer credit or Financial Aid is to be awarded.
  • For students on Financial Aid, written pre-approval for all coursework to be taken at the Host Institution is required by a Bryant University Financial Aid Officer.
  • A “C” grade or better (or the equivalent of “C” grade or better as determined by a Bryant University Study Abroad official) is required if transfer credit is to be awarded.
  • Grades earned at the Host Institution appear on the Bryant University transcript with no quality points. Grades are not calculated in the Bryant University GPA. Course credits are added to the total credits earned.

Study Abroad Eligibility

  • Bryant students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 at the time of application and must maintain it during the term prior to studying abroad. Students who fall below a cumulative 3.0 GPA are no longer permitted to study abroad and must withdraw from the program.
  • Good standing at Bryant University is a requirement for participation in all Study Abroad programs.
  • Students are responsible for meeting all deadlines as posted by Bryant University and the Host Institution.
  • Financial obligations must be fulfilled.
  • Transfer students must complete one full regular term of study at Bryant University to establish a GPA prior to applying for a study abroad semester program. Transfer students are eligible to apply for the SIE program during their first academic year at Bryant University.

Sophomore International Experience (SIE)

Bryant offers the Sophomore International Experience. Students have the opportunity to earn three academic credits spending 9 to 12 days overseas and learning about other cultures and how businesses operate globally. The Sophomore International Experience is offered during the winter and summer breaks. Costs, fees, and eligibility for these programs differ from other study abroad programs. Details about this program can also be viewed at www.bryant.edu/international/study-abroad.

SIE Eligibility

  • Student must be going into their sophomore year at Bryant OR have at least one's semester's worth of a Bryant GPA, if they transferred in the previous academic year;
  • Students must have a minimum of a 2.0 cumulative GPA at time of application;
  • Good academic, financial, and judicial standing at Bryant University is a requirement for participation in all SIE programs.

SIE Payments

Bryant does not bill for the SIE programs; students must make deposits for this program through the Student Account Center.  Students can access the payment dates on the Study Abroad website located in the Bryant portal.  Questions regarding payments should be addressed to the Bryant University Bursar’s Office at (401) 232-6030.

SIE Refund & Cancellation Policy

The $500.00 application deposit is non-refundable unless the University is unable to place the student in an SIE program or if s/he withdraws before s/he has been formally accepted to the program.  In addition, depending on when the date of withdrawal from an SIE, a student may still be responsible for the full amount of the SIE program costs.  Therefore, students should be certain that they intend to participate in the SIE when they apply.  Part of the SIE application process includes information regarding the withdrawal/cancellation policy that must be accepted in order to apply.

The Honors Program

The nationally distinguished Bryant University Honors Program offers its students a personalized, distinctive path, with the objective of enriching their academic, social, cultural, and professional experiences.

Academically driven students with a proven record of achievement are invited to join the program. These exceptional individuals, coupled with dedicated faculty, comprise a community of scholars who are committed to pursuing academic excellence in a mentor-driven environment. In addition to a focus on academic excellence, the four-year program also cultivates a sense of civic responsibility and hones key leadership skills. Through a commitment to scholarship, service, success, and self-awareness, the program creates an environment that sparks students’ curiosity – and enhances both your personal life and professional future.

A large number of courses have been designed specifically for The Honors Program. While some of the Honors courses are adapted from standard courses and others are developed around unique topics, all are enhanced by rigor, research, and intellectual discourse extending beyond the typical coursework. These honors-designated courses are intentionally smaller in class size to afford students opportunities to interact with peers and professors. Successful completion of seven Honors courses and an Honors Thesis culminates in the student being recognized as an Honors Program graduate, a distinction noted on the student Bryant University diploma and official academic transcript.

As a member of the Bryant Honors Program, you will also have the opportunity to build relationships with upper-class honors students and faculty members, explore other countries, earn Honors credits, and foster global citizenry through opportunities such as the Honors Sophomore International Experience and semester-long study abroad programs, serve on the Student Honors Council, register early for classes, hear from and interact with a diverse range of nationally recognized speakers, and participate in the Honors Senior Trip.


Generally, students are invited to the program when they are accepted to Bryant. The invitation is based on academic achievement and leadership.

Incoming students who were not initially invited to join the Honors Program upon the admission offer to Bryant can also petition to join the Honors Program before starting their studies. The petition must be submitted to Marcia Beaulieu, the Honors Program Coordinator, at mbeauli@bryant.edu and include the following:

  1. a cover letter explaining why you want to join the program
  2. your resume
  3. your high school transcript
  4. a writing sample
  5. two high school faculty references. Applications must be received at least 45 days before the start of the academic year at Bryant University.

Bryant students who have completed at least one semester of coursework can petition to join the Honors Program. A petition must be submitted to Marcia Beaulieu, the Honors Program Coordinator, at mbeauli@bryant.edu and should include the following:

  1. a cover letter explaining why you want to join the program
  2. your resume
  3. your unofficial Bryant transcript

In addition, the candidate must ask two Bryant faculty to submit letters of recommendation via email to Marcia Beaulieu at mbeauli@bryant.edu.


To graduate from The Honors Program, students must complete seven Honors courses and an Honors Thesis. These courses are integrated into overall degree requirements and are not extra course requirements. Students must also maintain an overall GPA of 3.40 to graduate with the "Honors” distinction.

The Honors Thesis is an original, in-depth research project conducted by a senior Honors student. Topics have included a wide range of research such as examining applications of machine learning in finance and economics, studying the DotCom bubble, exploring the social and political implications of Chilean street art, looking at the impact of parental mediation on media literacy, and writing an original novel.

Army ROTC Program

The ROTC Program is designed to train and qualify men and women for commissions as second lieutenants in the U.S. Army while they pursue an academic program of their choice. Bryant is one of more than 500 colleges throughout the U.S. dedicated to providing qualified military leaders for the United States Army while providing classroom and practical leadership training and experience. Courses in military science are part of the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) Program, which is offered as part of the curriculum at Bryant University on a voluntary basis. Bryant students may take the first two years of the ROTC curriculum without any post-college obligation. Enrollment in the second two years of the program is subject to meeting specific qualifications and requires a post-college obligation as a commissioned Army officer. Two-, three-, and four-year, full-tuition ROTC scholarships may be available for qualified students.  All ROTC courses are conducted at Providence College.  Bryant students interested in ROTC at Bryant should contact the Patriot Battalion ROTC program at 401-865-2471.