Applied Analytics Concentration 2024-2025 Edition

The Applied Analytics Program at Bryant University is an 18 credit interdisciplinary concentration that provides students with a solid foundation in integrating technology and analytical methods to acquire, analyze and apply information for projects in diverse areas such as literary and historical text analysis, social media and web analytics, bioinformatics and business decision making. Applied Analytics is a second concentration that must be taken concurrently with a required primary major in the College of Arts and Sciences or concentration in the College of Business. In this manner, students not only gain exposure to, and skills in, applied analytics but they also acquire a strong foundation in their chosen discipline to provide the context in which applied analytics may be used effectively.


  • Prepare students to critically analyze problems in a variety of disciplines in liberal arts, sciences and business and to identify relevant and useful information to support the attainment of desired outcomes.
  • Prepare students to think critically by drawing appropriate conclusions from examining the output of methodological applications of applied analytics.
  • Prepare students to conceptualize, apply and integrate effective strategies to acquire, store, analyze and deploy information effectively.
  • Prepare students to evaluate data management technologies in the context of data quality, and security and privacy regulations to determine their potential impact on information resources.
  • Prepare students to build advanced analytical models for relevant application.

Applied Analytics Concentration Requirements

Required Courses:
AA 205Introduction to Applied Analytics3
AA 304Managing Information for Applied Analytics3
AA 306Data Mining for Effective Decision Making3
AA 490Applied Analytics Capstone3
Student must take 2 elective courses from an approved list in the students' primary area of concentration 16

A minimum of 18 credits is required for the concentration.


No more than one course at the 200 level.

SAS Joint Certificate in Analytics

By satisfactorily completing four SAS-based analytics courses, SAS and Bryant will jointly award a certificate in analytics. These courses, which include AA 205, AA 304, AA 306, and AA 490, satisfy requirements in our Applied Analytics concentration and can be taken by students in other majors or concentrations as well.