Student Services

Academic Advising

The Undergraduate Advising Office provides academic advising services, as well as program planning and policy information for all undergraduate students. At the start of the first year, all undergraduate students are assigned a professional academic advisor.

Through participation in academic advising students will:

  • Demonstrate the ability to make effective decisions concerning their degree and career goals.
  • Develop an educational plan for successfully achieving their goals and select courses each term to progress toward the completion of their undergraduate degree.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the value of higher education.
  • Utilize the resources and services on campus to assist them in achieving their academic, personal, and career goals.
  • Be able to accurately read and effectively utilize a degree audit in their educational planning.
  • Graduate in a timely manner based on their educational plan.

Academic advising is a collaborative educational process whereby students and their advisors are partners in meeting the essential learning outcomes, ensuring student academic success, and outlining the steps for achievement of the students’ personal, academic, and career goals. This advisor/student partner requires participation and involvement of both the advisor and the student as it is built over the student’s entire educational experience at the University.

The Centers for Student Success

The Centers for Student Success are dedicated to helping all Bryant University students achieve academic success. The goal   is to help students become self-reliant, independent, confident learners so that they may successfully meet the demands of their chosen academic curricula. This is achieved through an internationally accredited peer tutoring program and study skills instruction by the professional staff. Professional staff members, peer tutors, and faculty work together to foster a supportive learning environment.

The Academic Center for Excellence

The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) offers tutoring for all currently enrolled students at Bryant and is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). ACE provides a comfortable location where tutors assist students by reinforcing concepts in their academic subjects, while strengthening college level study strategies. The tutor-student relationship is a collaborative one, where both individuals have defined roles and responsibilities. Tutoring at ACE is offered through individual appointments with Peer Tutors and Math Specialists and in Learning Labs.

Students may choose to work with a tutor/specialist for any of the following reasons:

  • Assistance with understanding course concepts
  • Questions about homework
  • Test or quiz preparation
  • Review of course material

ACE also provides support to students in order to help them develop college level academic skills and become more successful learners. The Academic Skills Specialist meets with students individually, visits classrooms and presents workshops. Students can receive guidance and skill-building in the following areas: reading, note taking, time management, test preparation, test taking, learning styles, and general learning assistance.

ACE and The Writing Center also offer a variety of workshops to all students throughout the semester. These workshops address academic and writing skills development.

For more information, visit The Centers for Student Success or call (401) 232-6746.

The Writing Center

Effective written communication is essential throughout an individual’s education and career. With this in mind, the Writing Center’s purpose is to support students’ development as writers by helping them develop their writing strengths and overcome their writing challenges. The staff views writing as a process and is prepared to assist students at all stages of that process. The Writing Center’s peer writing consultants and professional writing specialists help students with writing assignments for all courses, offering assistance in both personalized and workshop settings. They work collaboratively with students, providing advice and comments to help address students’ writing concerns.

Access Services

Students with learning disabilities or ADHD can process academic accommodation requests in the Academic Center for Excellence. To receive academic accommodations, students must submit recent documentation and results of diagnostic testing that describes the nature of the learning disability to the Assistant Director of Access Services at ACE.  The Assistant Director recommends academic accommodations; however, it is incumbent upon the student to schedule an appointment with the Assistant Director at the beginning of each new semester to arrange for services. Students with learning disabilities should contact the Assistant Director of Access Services at (401) 232-6746. For further information, please see Disability Services below.

Academic Services for Student-Athletes

The Academic Center for Excellence, in partnership with Undergraduate Advising and the Department of Athletics, provides tailored assistance for the unique needs of student-athletes. Students in our Division I athletic programs have challenging schedules and often need additional help finding a balance between the demands of athletics and academics. ACE provides these students support with general study skills, time management and overall organization. Student-Athlete study hall requirements can be fulfilled using any of ACE’s services, including tutoring, the Writing Center, learning specialist appointments, attendance at workshops, and time spent in the student-athlete quiet study hall as well as the student-athlete goal-based study hall. In goal-based study hall, student-athletes can work with peer tutors and writing consultants to establish goals for their studies, to get academic support in achieving these goals, and to assess and improve their study habits.

Academic Services for International Students and English Language Learners

The Academic Center for Excellence and the Writing Center offer specialized services for international students and English language learners to help them increase their academic confidence and improve their performance as Bryant students. Services include assistance with adjusting to academic life at Bryant and in the United States; taking advantage of ACE and Writing Center academic support services; navigating the variety of support services available to international students on campus; developing study skills for college success; improving written and oral language skills; and setting goals for academic improvement.

Athletics and Recreation (on campus)

Recreation and physical fitness are important ingredients of the Bryant experience. The University offers a variety of intramural programs for men and women, providing competitive recreation throughout the school year for all students who wish to participate. These programs include basketball, dodgeball, field hockey, flag football, floor hockey, indoor/outdoor soccer, softball, team handball, volleyball, and many more.

Bryant University is a Division I member of the Northeast Conference. Men’s teams compete in baseball, basketball, cross-country, football, golf, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, and indoor and outdoor track and field. Women’s teams include basketball, cross country, lacrosse, soccer, softball, swimming and diving, tennis, indoor and outdoor track and field, and volleyball. Field hockey and men's swimming and diving compete as Division I members of the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference. Club sports include: cheerleading, women's rowing, dance, men's ice hockey, karate, racquetball, men’s and women's rugby, squash, Ultimate Frisbee, and men's volleyball, tennis, and men's lacrosse.

Campus Ministry

The chaplains in Campus Ministry address the spiritual needs of Bryant students and staff. Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish chaplains are available to serve as sources of support, guidance, and spiritual development for all members of the University community.

There are two Protestant clubs students can join: InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and Awakening Crew. Hillel is Bryant's Jewish-student organization. Rebecca Burgess serves as coordinator for the Catholic chaplains as well as Catholic programs and services.

 Worship services are as follows: Catholic Mass is celebrated every Sunday and Wednesday. Jewish Shabbat services are offered on Friday. Protestant services are held on Sunday evenings.

Amica Center for Career Education

The Amica Center for Career Education offers a full range of career development and planning services for all students, including:               

  • Individual career coaching on all topics pertaining to choosing a major, finding an internship, applying to graduate school, or securing a full-time opportunity.
  • Career planning courses to assist you with choosing a major and/or career path.
  • Shadow Program, matching you with an alum for a day in the workplace.
  • Alumni-student networking events in Boston, Hartford, New York City, Providence, Washington, D.C., and more.
  • Campus recruiting program including the Bryant Career Connection (BCC) - the student job board for both internships and full-time opportunities.
  • Three annual Career Fairs with more than 150 employers attending.
  • Specialized programs, company site visits, and alumni connections.

We encourage students to visit the Amica Career Center as early as the first year to get started with:

  • Utilizing career assessment tools
  • Writing a college résumé
  • Creating a LinkedIn profile
  • Finding an internship or job
  • Learning how to leverage campus life to benefit your career plans

Stop by our office, visit our website, call (401) 232-6090, or email career@bryant.edu to learn more about resources and services provided.

The opportunity to utilize the Amica Center for Career Education continues after graduation. Career coaching is available to alumni who are changing careers and are in need of assistance, up to five years post-graduation. The Job Source, a listing of full-time jobs requiring post-degree experience, is published weekly, for interested alumni.

Alumni are also invited to attend the many workshops, programs, and events offered by the Amica Center for Career Education.

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion

The PwC Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) brings leadership, vision, integrity, and a team-oriented philosophy to the diversity and inclusion efforts at Bryant University. The CDI is responsible for leading the University on matters of equity, diversity, and inclusion and will educate the campus community regarding the importance and advantages of a culture that values and supports each member of our community.

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion comprises the professional and paraprofessional staff of the Gertrude Hochberg Women’s Center, the Intercultural Center, Disability Services, The PRIDE Center, and Campus Ministries/Faith and Spirituality. The CDI staff partners with the Office of International Student and Scholar Services, which reports to the Vice President for International Affairs, to provide support and services to international students.

Computers for Students - Mobile Computing Device Program

Incoming full-time students will receive, as part of their tuition, a state-of-the-art mobile computing device for use on and off campus, which will be theirs to keep upon graduation.

The Student Helpdesk (a.k.a. Laptop Central), is located in the Bello Center, in an area behind the Reference Desk (enter hallway to left of Reference Desk). Laptop Central is the main point of contact for all students when they have issues or questions regarding their mobile device, use of University websites, network, or any other technology needs. As an officially certified repair center, it can provide same-day service for repairs since most replacement parts are housed on-site. Hours of operation: M-Th, 10 am to 7 pm, Fri, 10 am to 4:30 pm, and Sun, 12 to 6 pm.

Technicians in Laptop Central also provide support for the Residence Hall computer network.

Wireless connectivity is available throughout the entire campus.

Cultural and Recreational Activities (nearby)

Bryant University is ideally situated so that students can benefit from the intellectual, cultural, and social opportunities of New England.

Just 12 miles from the campus, Providence is one of the largest cities in New England. For over two centuries it has been a social, intellectual, and artistic center of Rhode Island and New England. Brown University, Rhode Island School of Design, and Providence College are located in Providence.

Bryant University students have many opportunities for cultural and artistic experiences. The Rhode Island School of Design Museum and several other galleries offer collections of art treasures. The Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra, the Rhode Island Festival Ballet, and Trinity Repertory Company present programs of outstanding artistic merit. The nationally acclaimed Providence Performing Arts Center presents a wide assortment of Broadway shows, and Providence’s civic and convention centers host attractions ranging from college basketball and professional hockey to rock concerts and festivals.

Students who attend summer sessions can take advantage of Rhode Island’s many famous summer resorts. The University is less than an hour’s drive to Narragansett Pier and Watch Hill, with their miles of sandy beaches. Newport, noted for its music festivals, scenic ocean drives, and elegant mansions, is only 40 miles away. Boston, less than an hour away, is the home of internationally famous universities, high tech industries along Route 95/128, and exceptional cultural and recreational attractions from the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, and Bruins to the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Museum of Fine Arts.

Counseling Services

Counseling provided by Bryant’s Office of Counseling Services is short-term and focuses on the continuum of developmental adjustment of the college years and mental health concerns. Counseling Service's mission is to support students' health and well-being by providing confidential counseling services, programming, and outreach. We are committed to providing compassionate, inclusive, and culturally competent services for students. Students needing a higher level of care, or specialized treatment may be referred to off-campus mental health professionals.

Disability Services

Bryant University supports students who self-identify with disabilities and provide documentation of their disability from an appropriate source. Bryant University professional staff members serve as advocates for students with disabilities and assist them in achieving equal access to all University programs and services. If you have any disabilities that may require accommodations, it is your responsibility to contact the designated office:

For Physical Disabilities

  • Contact Kelly Quintal, Certified Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP-C)/Clinical Director of Health Services at (401) 232-6220;
    TDD: (401) 231-2860; email: kquintal@bryant.edu.
  • Individuals with permanent or temporary physical disabilities who wish to obtain handicapped parking passes should contact the Department of Public Safety (401) 232-6001.

For Mental Health or Psychiatric Disabilities

  • Contact Noelle Harris, Ph.D., LMHC, Director of Counseling Services at (401) 232-6045; email: nharris@bryant.edu. 

For Learning Disabilities or ADHD

  • Contact Marie Saddlemire, the Assistant Director, Academic Center for Excellence (ACE), Access Services, at (401) 232-6746. Students with learning disabilities or ADHD submit documentation and request academic accommodations through ACE. Comprehensive documentation, completed within the past three years, must address the current impact of disability of the student’s academic performance. Bryant’s Guidelines for Documentation may be accessed online. It is the student’s responsibility to schedule an appointment in ACE at the start of each semester to discuss accommodation requests.

Employment for Students

The Office of Financial Aid provides students and their families counseling regarding financial assistance to meet college expenses. This office also administers the University’s scholarship, grant, and loan programs. Refer to the financial aid section for information.

Student employment opportunities assist students seeking part-time employment to defray the incidental costs of attending college. Student working on campus earn approximately $1,600 annually, on average.

Full-time undergraduate students with work-study awards who show financial need are given hiring priority for on-campus employment. Students are paid an hourly wage (not less than the current mandatory minimum) that reflects the skills and experience required to do the job.

The library, athletic department, faculty and administrative offices are among the departments hiring work-study students. These employment experiences can serve as valuable experience in the career planning process.

The Office of Financial Aid also helps full-time undergraduate students to secure part-time employment off campus by locating and developing job opportunities for work-study eligible students. A limited number of positions in nonprofit agencies are available to students who qualify for Federal Work-Study funding. Working hours are organized around each student’s daily academic schedule. The office also provides listings of summer employment.

Health Services

Bryant University Health Services is a board-certified nurse practitioner-run health center that adheres to federal and state law and endorses the guidelines of the American College Health Association, the Rhode Island Department of Health, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Health Services is located on the first floor of Residence Hall 16. It is staffed by a part-time physician, certified nurse practitioners, and a health and wellness coordinator. In the event of an emergency or when Health Services is closed, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) are available through the Department of Public Safety at (401) 232-6911.

Clinical components of Health Services include treatment of illnesses and injuries, women’s and men's health care, laboratory services, immunizations, support services for students with physical disabilities, and referrals as appropriate. All health care and medical records are considered confidential, and family members are notified only in the event of a life-threatening accident or illness.

Health Insurance

The University requires that all students provide documentation of health insurance. Course registration cannot be completed without this information. Low-cost accident and illness insurance is available for all students who wish to purchase it. If you have any questions about the insurance plan, please contact Health Services.

Required Health Forms for Incoming Students

The University requires that each student have a complete, up-to-date medical history form on file in the Health Services Office. All students must be in compliance with the Health Services required forms and immunizations. These forms can be accessed on the Medicat patient portal at my.bryant.edu.

Intercultural Center

The Intercultural Center (ICC) is the center for education on international and multi-ethnic issues at Bryant. The mission of the Intercultural Center has evolved and broadened since its creation in 1977 when it served the needs of a small, primarily Black student population. The ICC currently supports international students from more than 50 countries and domestic students of color from all over the U.S. by serving as advocates for them in their educational pursuits.

The professional educators who staff the center collaborate with faculty and administrative departments, and counsel students. The office creates programs and events for the entire campus to enhance appreciation for and awareness of cultural diversity within the Bryant community. The ICC is also responsible for compliance with immigration regulations for undergraduate and graduate F-1 visa students and staff members serve as the advisors to the Multicultural Student Union and the International Student Organization.

The primary programs of the ICC are 4MILE@ Bryant (Multicultural and International Leadership Experience), Cultural History Month celebrations, Global Community Hour and Global Community Building, and the annual ICC Senior Awards Banquet.

An International Dimension

In addition to the International Business degree, academic departments offer student programming on international topics. There are also undergraduate study abroad and international internship opportunities. Out of the classroom, a variety of forums and programs focusing on international themes are regular parts of the international experience at Bryant University. Students and faculty at Bryant University are geographically diverse. Representing more than 50 countries, they bring the benefits of a wide range of backgrounds to Smithfield.

Pride Center

The Pride Center, a part of the PwC Center for Diversity and Inclusion, is located on the second floor of the Fisher Student Center and is open to students, faculty, and staff of all identities to explore issues relating to gender and sexuality. Some of the Pride Center's hallmark programs include National Coming Out Week, Trans Day of Visibility, Trans Day of Remembrance, the Coming Out Monologues, and Out Beyond Bryant. Additionally, our Center offers training through our Safe Zone program to nurture a more open, affirming, and safe university community for LGBTQ-identified individuals and their allies. Finally, the Pride Center offers a variety of resources to the Bryant and local communities. Stop by for literature or information about hotlines, programs, organizations, as well as literature or films related to gender and sexuality issues.

Security - Public Safety

Bryant’s campus is a secure place to live. Public Safety officers are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Residence hall exterior doors are locked 24 hours per day, only accessible to students. Individual key locks are on the door of each room. Visitors are checked in on weeknights and throughout the weekend.

Women’s Center (The Gertrude Meth Hochberg Women's Center)

The Women's Center, part of the PwC Center for Diversity and Inclusion, supports the mission of Bryant University by providing resources, programs, and support to individuals of all genders, with a focus on the increasing number of women-identified students on campus. Initiatives such as Women's HERstory Month, the Vagina Monologues, and programs exploring domestic violence, sexual assault, safer sex, and body positivity offer the campus community the opportunity to enhance their understanding of gender-related issues both on campus and beyond. Our Center collaborates with faculty and student organizations to strengthen co-curricular education and foster Bryant’s student-centered learning environment. 

The Hochberg Women’s Center also offers Violence Prevention and Advocacy Services. Our Advocacy Helpline, which provides guidance, support, and empowerment to survivors of violence, is operated by trained faculty and staff and is available 24/7 during the academic year. The Women’s Center is also home to the University’s on-campus Advocates, who are prepared to provide private support, guidance, referrals, and both on- and off-campus resources to Bryant community members impacted by violence. Finally, we provide the campus community with training and workshops focused on issues related to women’s awareness and empowerment, healthy relationships, and violence prevention.

The Hochberg Women’s Center boasts a library of films, videos, and books on women's and gender issues, is a source of referrals to health and social agencies in Rhode Island, and offers free safer sex materials for Bryant community members.