Opportunities for Leadership and Involvement on Campus 2024-2025 Edition

Classroom learning is only one aspect of a college education. The Bryant experience provides many opportunities for students to discover their talents and develop their abilities outside of the classroom setting through a wide variety of activities. Most campus social and cultural events are planned and implemented by students.

Through these experiences, students develop valuable interpersonal and leadership skills. In fact, many Bryant graduates report that their involvement in student activities and programs contributed significantly to their career success.

Student Activities

Student Activities maintains and supports a diverse array of co-curricular programming, student organizations, community engagement initiatives, and leadership development opportunities. These essential campus resources, along with the advisement and support from the Student Activities staff, promote inclusive opportunities that foster personal and professional development, innovation, and global thinking. Student Activities works to create a comprehensive college experience that emphasizes the importance of linking on-campus collaborative learning environments and social development with off-campus real-world connections, community engagement, and active citizenship. Student Activities strives to develop and empower students as they meet Bryant’s mission to “discover their passion and become innovative leaders with character around the world.”
The Student Activities team uses patient and thoughtful advisement, industry best practices, and organizational development to successfully manage and support the above-mentioned services and opportunities. Located on the 3rd floor of the Fisher Student Center, the Student Activities team works to create an adaptive framework of transparent policies and procedures that allow students to explore and develop in a way that is sustainable and efficient while also remaining tailored to their individual needs or interests. Students who work with Student Activities will be challenged in a way that balances their passion with critical thinking and a grounded set of systems that will help them move from concept into reality. Through the promotion of collaborative learning, inclusive practices, leadership development, and community engagement, Student Activities goal is facilitating opportunities for students to develop their many identities as individuals, team members, leaders, innovators, and professionals.

More information about Student Activities can be found in the Bryant University Student Handbook.