Environmental Science Concentration 2022-2023 Edition

Environmental Science Concentration Requirements

Level 1 (choose 2 including 1 lab)
Biology I Principles of Biology
and Biology I Laboratory
Biology II Organismal Biology
and Biology II Laboratory
Physical Geology
and Physical Geology Laboratory
Physics I Introductory Physics
and Physics I Laboratory
Chemistry I Introductory Chemistry
and Chemistry I Laboratory
Introductory Chemistry II Chemical Systems
and Chemistry II Laboratory
Introduction to Environmental Science and Sustainability
Weather and Natural Disasters
and Weather and Natural Disasters Laboratory
Level 2 (choose 2 including 1 lab)
Biological Imaging
and Ecology Laboratory
Energy Management Strategies
and Energy Management Strategies Lab
Plant Biology
Organic Chemistry I
and Organic Chemistry I Laboratory
Coastal Environments
Human Impact on Land and Life
and Human Impact on Land and Life Laboratory
Sustaining Air and Water
and Sustaining Air and Water Laboratory
GIS for Environmental Decision Making
and GIS for Environmental Decision Making Laboratory
and Microbiology Laboratory
Computer Programming for the Sciences
Research Methods in Science
Plus one additional lab from Level 1 or Level 2
Level 3 (choose 1)
Innovation and Global Energy Challenges
GIS Tools Coastal Planning and Climate Change
Conservation in the U.S. and China
Environmental Policy: Decision Making and Problem Solving
Environmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment
Global Change and Geochemical Impact
Plant Diversity in Ancient and Modern Environments
Issues in Environmental Science
Biomarkers and isotope Signals
Green Technology for Sustainability
Global Health Challenges