Nutrition Minor 2023-2024 Edition

Students who complete the minor in nutrition will study the connection between nutrition, health, human performance, and disease. An evidence-based approach will be taken to covering topics such nutrient requirements, weight control, nutritional supplements, popular diets, as well as causes and treatments of eating disorders. Emphasis will be placed on critically analyzing nutritional claims in the marketplace. Through participation in the required laboratory course, students will develop practical skills to assess nutritional status, and to create a nutritional intervention plan to optimize health and human performance.

Nutrition Minor Requirements:

Required Courses:
SCI 251Biology I Principles of Biology3
SCI 354Fundamentals of Nutrition3
SCI 367Biochemistry3
or SCI 386 Sports Nutrition
SCI 402
SCI L402
Applied Nutrition in Health and Disease
and Applied Nutrition in Health and Disease Laboratory

A minimum of 13 credits is required for the minor.