Strength and Conditioning Minor 2023-2024 Edition

Students who enroll in the Strength and Conditioning minor will develop practical knowledge and hands-on skills related to exercise, which can be useful to meet personal and/or career-related goals. Students will  have exposure to content such as the structure and movement of the human body, the body's  physiologic response to physical activity, measures of human fitness, as well as training techniques to enhance human fitness and performance.  

Strength and Conditioning Minor Requirements:

Required Courses:
SCI 251Biology I Principles of Biology3
SCI 352
SCI L352
Exercise Physiology
and Exercise Physiology Laboratory
SCI 353Human Muscles and Movement3
SCI 401
SCI L401
Fundamentals of Strength and Conditioning
and Fundamentals of Strength and Conditioning Laboratory

 A minimum of 14 credits is required for the minor.