Health and Wellness Concentration 2023-2024 Edition

The health and wellness industries continue to grow in response to some prominent challenges such as the rising incidence of many chronic diseases, soaring healthcare costs, and the mental health crisis. In this concentration of study, students will develop information literacy skills by locating and analyzing scholarly literature related to health and wellness. Students will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they work collaboratively to consider solutions to some of the biggest problems in today's health arena. Depending which courses are chosen from the approved list for this minor, students may also have the opportunity to: 1) utilize equipment in the analytical science lab and the EMS lab, 2) explore global impacts of health issues, 3) understand preventative health promotion strategies in the area of nutrition, 4) utilize strength and conditioning to promote health and wellness, and/or 5) analyze and understand healthcare from a business/industry standpoint. This concentration of study provides students with a broad-based understanding of the contemporary issues surrounding health and wellness from a healthcare and industry standpoint and aims to provide a practical skill set to support any career involving the industries of health and wellness.

Health and Wellness Concentration Requirements:

Required Courses:
SCI 251Biology I Principles of Biology3
SCI 383Human Health and Disease3
Students must pick 4 courses from the list below:
PSY 355Introduction to Psychopathology3
or PSY 375 Health Psychology
SCI 275Introduction to Healthcare: Clinical and Business Perspectives3
SCI 352Exercise Physiology 3
SCI 353Human Muscles and Movement3
SCI 354Fundamentals of Nutrition3
or SCI 386 Sports Nutrition
SCI 401
SCI L401
Fundamentals of Strength and Conditioning
and Fundamentals of Strength and Conditioning Laboratory
SCI 402
SCI L402
Applied Nutrition in Health and Disease
and Applied Nutrition in Health and Disease Laboratory
SCI 466Global Health Challenges3

A minimum of 18 credit hours is required for the concentration.

**In total, the concentration requires six 3-credit lecture courses. However, if students elect to take SCI 402: Applied Nutrition in Health and Disease, and/or SCI 401: Fundamentals of Strength and Conditioning as optional courses for this concentration, they will also be required to complete the 1-credit lab that complements each course.