Strength and Conditioning Concentration 2023-2024 Edition

Students who complement their studies with a Strength and Conditioning Concentration will develop knowledge and hands-on skills related to human structure, physical and physiologic function, as well as training techniques to enhance human fitness and performance. Students also have the option to customize their path of study to include additional learning about health and human disease, nutrition, sports psychology, and/or management principles in fitness and athletics. This practical skill set in the field of exercise can be useful to meet personal and/or career-related goals.

Strength and Conditioning Concentration Requirements:

Required Courses:
SCI 251Biology I Principles of Biology3
SCI 352
SCI L352
Exercise Physiology
and Exercise Physiology Laboratory
SCI 353Human Muscles and Movement3
SCI 401
SCI L401
Fundamentals of Strength and Conditioning
and Fundamentals of Strength and Conditioning Laboratory
Students must pick 2 courses from the list below:
PSY 481Exercise and Sport Psychology3
SCI 383Human Health and Disease3
SCI 386Sports Nutrition3
SCI 402
SCI L402
Applied Nutrition in Health and Disease
and Applied Nutrition in Health and Disease Laboratory
SCI 467Management Principles in Fitness and Athletics3

 A minimum of 20 credits is required for the concentration. If students take SCI 402 the lab must be taken.