Forensic Science Minor 2023-2024 Edition

 Forensic Science Minor Requirements:

This minor is intended for students interested in exploring professional careers involving police and medical investigation of crime scenes and criminal acts, laboratory assessment of materials associated with such investigations, and preparation for advanced study in areas such as trauma assessment, forensic photography, ballistics, medical entomology, DNA analysis, pharmaceutical science, or medical studies. Students will examine the specialized roles of each member of the forensic team, such as law enforcement, medical, and scientific experts.

Required Courses
SCI 251
SCI L251
Biology I Principles of Biology
and Biology I Laboratory
SCI 265
SCI L265
Introductory Chemistry I
and Introductory Chemistry I Laboratory
SCI 368Elements of Forensic Science3
Pick ONE from the Following List:
SCI 363
SCI L363
and Genetics Laboratory
PSY 482Forensic Psychology3

 A minimum of 14 credit hours is required for the minor.

  • **In total, the minor requires four 3-credit lecture courses, and two 1-credit laboratory courses. However, if students elect to take SCI 363: Genetics as one of the optional courses for this minor, they will also be required to complete the 1-credit SCI L363: Genetics laboratory.