Biology Concentration 2022-2023 Edition

Biology Concentration Requirements

Biology I Principles of Biology
Biology I Laboratory
Biology II Organismal Biology
Biology II Laboratory
Choose two of the following courses plus one lab
Biological Imaging
Energy Management Strategies
Introduction to Biotechnology
Anatomy and Physiology I
Plant Biology
Nobel Prize in Biological Sciences
Organic Chemistry I
Anatomy and Physiology II
Research Methods in Science
Elements of Forensic Science
Ecology Laboratory
Computer Programming for the Sciences
Emergency Medical Technician [EMT] Basic
Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory I
Genetics Laboratory
Organic Chemistry I Laboratory
Anatomy and Physiology Lab II
Microbiology Laboratory
Energy Management Strategies Lab
Choose one of the following
Issues in Biological Science
Plant Diversity in Ancient and Modern Environments
Global Health Challenges
Immunity and Disease
Research Directed Study in Science