Certificate of Graduate Study in Business Analytics 2022-2023 Edition

The Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics (GCBA) is a four course part-time program designed to provide candidates who hold an accredited undergraduate degree with the knowledge, skills and experience to acquire, analyze and apply structured and unstructured data to enhance decision making and to sustain competitive advantage. The focus of the GCBA is in the application of analytics to practical problems. Students will be engaged in analyzing real world data provided by strategic partner organizations and will gain experience with leading edge analytical tools.

The GCBA will consist of four required courses. Due to the content and delivery of the courses, students must enroll concurrently in AA 630 and AA 640 during their initial term of study and must enroll in AA 645 and AA 651 during their second term of study.

Required Courses
Data Management for Analytics
Data Visualization and Text Mining
Data Mining and Predictive Analytics
Analytics Capstone

Upon successful completion of the four courses, the student is awarded a Certificate of Graduate Study in Business Analytics. Students who meet the criteria to be admitted to the Masters of Business Administration program at Bryant University will be able to apply nine credits towards the MBA specialization requirements.