Certificate of Graduate Study: Mini-Master of Business Administration Online Program 2023-2024 Edition

The Mini-MBA Certificate Program consists of four, 10-week long courses designed to be immediately applicable in the real world and contribute to enhancing professional progress. It is designed to provide candidates who hold an accredited undergraduate degree and are looking to build their leadership skills, discover creative and innovative problem-solving techniques, and have a deeper understanding of the business industry. Complete an orientation course (GRO 550, Online Strategies for Success) and the following four courses to earn your certificate:

Required courses:
GRO 550Online Strategies for Success1
MBAO 551Managerial Economics Data Analysis3
MBAO 552Principles of Management3
MBAO 559Global Business3
Students will pick one additional course from the list below: 1
MBAO 558Strategic Marketing 3
MBAO 560Organizational and Strategic Leadership3
MBAO 561Entrepreneurial Leadership3
MBAO 565Innovative Healthcare Leadership and Design Thinking3
MBAO 566Innovative Practice Management3
MBAO 567Healthcare Law and Ethics3
MBAO 568Business of Healthcare3
MBAO 571Fundamentals of Accounting3
MBAO 572Fundamentals of Finance3
MBAO 573Information Resources Management and Business Analytics3

A minimum of 13 credit hours is required for this certificate. 


MBAO 563 Leadership Capstone does NOT apply towards this certificate.