Global Finance (GFIN) 2022-2023 Edition


GFIN 601. Global Financial Management. 3 Credit Hours.

This course deals with the theories and principles of global management. It develops a framework for evaluating the opportunities, costs, and risks of operating in the global markets for goods, services, and financial assets. Topics include the rationale for hedging currency risk, treasury management of international transactions, managing transaction exposure to currency risk, managing operating exposure to currency risk, foreign market entry and country risk management, multinational capital budgeting, multinational capital structure and cost of capital, and corporate governance. Students will explore global financial management by analyzing case studies and preparing a country analysis report for market entry.

GFIN 602. Global Financial Institutions and Markets. 3 Credit Hours.

The markets and institutions of international finance have, in recent years, undergone significant changes. This course will compare and contrast the structure and trends of both US and International financial markets and institutions. Topics include international money and capital markets, foreign exchange markets, emerging markets, the changing roles of financial institutions, the internationalization of financial services, global interst rates, developments in derivatives markets (e.g. credit default swaps), bank valuation methodology, global housing markets and funding (securitization vs. covered bonds), universal banking, non-bank financial institutions, technological change, international financial crises, as well as the coordination and impacts of regulation on financial services (e.g., Dodd Frank, Basel III, and Solvency II). Extra emphasis will be placed on incorporating current events thru extensive use of the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times. These topics will be presented using a combination of interactive lectures and discussions.

Spring 2023GFIN 602AG3003Th6:00pm - 9:00pm(J. Koplik)

GFIN 603. Financing the Global Supply Chain. 3 Credit Hours.

In 1973 world merchandise exports were a mere $579 billion dollars. By 2010, the figure was $14,851 trillion dollars. The advent of globalization and the economic development of emerging countries have created nothing short of a revolution in the physical supply chain. This course will examine the developments and opportunities of the parallel but critically important flow of funds that support the flow of goods. The course will be delivered relying heavily on cases and group discussion. Specifically, the course will look into current knowledge and trends in the following areas: International trade finance (Letters of Credit, bill of lading, export insurance, export factoring, forfeiting, export credit agencies), international cash management, Insurance, credit risk & risk management, capital investment decisions related to the global supply chain, sources and strategies of supply chain finance.

Spring 2023GFIN 603AG3001W6:00pm - 9:00pm(A. Ramirez)

GFIN 691. Directed Independent Study in Global Finance. 3 Credit Hours.

This course is designed to allow an individual academic program to be tailored to fit the unique interests of a graduate student. At the initiation of the graduate student, the faculty member and the student will develop an academic plan that is submitted to the College of Business for final approval.